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"THE HEAT, Volume I"


 Win A $250 ViSA Card and have your video featured on our Genre Records Website and our *Mobile App! Download your favorite "The Heat, Volume I" song and create a short video of you singing along with it, like "Nix" in the "Contest Samples". 

Then complete the "Contest Form"under the menu tab, "GR BLOG". Post your video on YouTube, a website, or any platform with a URL (Web Address) so that we can download it. The video should be 3-5 minutes in length. The videos will be judged based on the following three criteria: 1) Originality, 2) Creativity, and 3) Quality. If others such as backup dancers are used and are under 18 years-old they must comply with the instructions below with regards to minors.

Rules For Minors: Special rules apply for minors. Those who are ages 13-17 (Minors) must download and submit a "Parental Consent Form" along with their submission. It must be completed, signed, scanned. and sent as an attachment to the email address on the form. No one under age 13 can enter or submit a contest form. 

All forms and video submissions must be received by February, 1, 2018. We are looking forward to seeing you!

*The Genre Records Mobile App for both Android devices and iPhones/iPads can also be downloaded from the website.

(Sample Video 1)

(Sample Video 2)

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