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Let's Talk About "The Heat" CD




Thank you for listening Neil! I’m happy to know you enjoyed it! A musical buffet is exactly what we aim to be, a variety of genres that all blend together and sound great in the process. We appreciate you, stay up to date on our social media pages and website for new releases coming soon
This new CD definitely brings “The Heat”! The incredible mix of different musical flavors and styles is musical buffet for the ears and soul. Bravo to Genre Records for this release. Looking forward to the next.
Hey thanks for your honest comments. You actually get it. HEAT, starts out warm building and becoming fully engulfed. This is a 4 Volume release starting with our smooth and mello Neosoul and R&B trax for our followers who feel these types grooves. Genre Records believes in serving all genres of musical taste! Stay tuned and keep your comments coming we are sure we will serve you the intense "heat and passion" you seek!
I don't understand the title-THE HEAT. This is kinda smooth and mellow. The idea of HEAT suggests music that is to excite emotionally; inflame or rouse with passion. Maybe for the babes but doesn't stimulate me emotionally, not even the one track by the chick.
Thanks for writing us and stay tuned we will have that Jazz flava for you. We have Volume 2 coming but in the meantime keep in touch and keep listening.
Hey, you need more jazz flava and not just r&b. instrumental smooth jazz would be cool.

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