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DeWayne McCoy

Singer and Songwriter

DeWayne McCoy is a singer/songwriter in the mold of Marvin Gaye. Not only does he have a great voice but his lyrical content and melodic construct reminds us when music was not just for entertainment, but was a commentary on the struggles and problems in society. His only track on The Heat: Volume I entitled "It's Real", is real.

It is an introspective musical discussion and portrayal of the realities that exists throughout this country in many neighborhoods regardless of race or ethnicity. Some may view it as controversial while others will recognize his message as reality and a wake up call.

DeWayne and the associate writers embody this powerful social commentary with a fusion of suave and urbane R&B funk, traditional blues and gospel inflections, and a sprinkling of smooth-jazz influence. Nevertheless, he states:

"'It's Real" is a song that is meant to encourage people to be honest with themselves. I hope my fans will understand  the true meaning of the song as well as accept its raw and candid delivery. When they listen I want them to say: 'Finally, someone is saying what I am thinking.'"