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Racquel (Rocxis synonymous with brilliant, bold, beautiful… these are just a few of the words used to describe Jecarco Entertainment’s First Lady, Racquel. If you ever stepped foot on Jamaican soil you would know that the island pulsates to a raw sensuality and passion that is nothing short of intoxicating. This is the essence of island native Racquel. To look at her is to know powerful femininity.

To feel her vibe is to open yourself to deep human emotions. To hear her music is to know that angels do exist on earth. One taste of her flavor means preparing yourself to become a “Racq-a-holic”. And all this occurs while she’s touching your spirit with mesmerizing beats and breathing sentimental words into your soul! 

Her debut album “Chameleon” is a diary of her life in the entertainment industry. It’s about her continuous, colorful transformation and growth as an artist and as a woman. On the album she shares her ups, her downs, her loves, her losses, her seasons of solitude and her moments of unabashed partying till dawn.

“Chameleon” features R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, Club-Nouveau and threads of her native “slow-grind, hotter than island asphalt” Dancehall tracks all set to slamming rhythms that make you want to lose control. It’s her real life, her truth, her words, her music the way it was meant to be played and to be heard.

“I want people to feel me before they hear me,” says the sexy songstress.

From Paris to London, NY to Tokyo, Los Angeles to Atlanta, stand back, listen and just breathe. Let your heart beat to whatever rhythm it wants to. But fear not! There’s a new artist on the horizon. She’s the First Lady of the Jecarco Entertainment, and all she wants to do is to “Racq” you!